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On-deck works continue

I left you as I was just about to disappear for another fun week on board VIC 32. This was followed another week later by a short relief stint on board Tenacious. I had a lovely couple of weeks there, joining in Arendal in southern Norway, and ending in Blyth. The weather wasn’t amazing, but…

By Chris Phillips 08/09/2023 1

In the Doghouse

I’ve now been home almost a month since returning from the chilly wastes of Svalbard (where all the Polar Bears hid until they saw my plane leave, then started dancing on the ice for my shipmates) to the soggy wastes of Argyll, and since then have made some good progress in some interesting projects. First…

By Chris Phillips 26/07/2023 4

Adventures in Steelwork

Once again, dear Reader, here appears before you a much overdue update on my progress (and yes, although you wouldn’t know on outward inspection from the shed floor, definite progress) with fitting out Serchthrift for a life on the chilly oceans of the world. I returned from sea (and I will post separately about my…

By Chris Phillips 19/06/2021 0