Author: Chris Phillips

Can-do in the Time of Covid

As I promised in my recent posts on my progress with Serchthrift, I thought I would give you some updates on what I got up to over the last several months when I haven’t been building Serchthrift. Most of you will know that I’ve been working on board the Pelican of London, a sail training…

By Chris Phillips 12/12/2021 1

Adventures in Steelwork

Once again, dear Reader, here appears before you a much overdue update on my progress (and yes, although you wouldn’t know on outward inspection from the shed floor, definite progress) with fitting out Serchthrift for a life on the chilly oceans of the world. I returned from sea (and I will post separately about my…

By Chris Phillips 19/06/2021 0


Having spent a busy and slightly stressful 2 months at sea in the Pelican of London, successfully navigating the seas and Covid restrictions from Madeira to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica (wherein lies an entire post in itself), I returned to Argyll in the midst of Lockdown 3 in the middle of January, so…

By Chris Phillips 19/02/2021 2