About Serchthrift

Serchthrift is the name of my boat; well, the name of my bare steel hull which I will be fitting out for long-distance high-latitude cruising over the next few years.  The website is mainly a platform for my blogs, which I write at irregular intervals, and follows on from my previous Meandering blog, which was plagued by security issues.  I have included as many of the blog entries as I could rescue from the old site.  Unfortunately a lot of my older material covering the trip around the world in Lord Nelson and cruises in Meander prior to 2014 was lost in a previous site rebuild.  In fact the whole thing of maintaining a website has become a bit of a bind over the last couple of years, and I was seriously thinking about giving it up as a bad job.  However, we’ll give it one more go and hopefully I will be able to update you more regularly on my progress with the Serchthrift project, more on which will be published in due course.  Thank you to my brother Jim for helping me try to resolve the security problems with the old site, and getting me up and running with this one.

Chris Phillips, May 2020